How To Fix AliExpress Error code: csc_7200026

Error code: csc_7200026

The appearance of the error code CSC_7200026 is a common problem for AliExpress users. This error is faced by those who tried to pay for the order using a bank card.

For security reasons, card verification is required (appeal). Error code: CSC_7200026.

Causes of Error Code CSC_7200026

Payment error CSC_7200026 indicates that the Aliexpress security system considered your bank card suspicious. For security reasons, the site blocked the payment.

Note that you can easily make money transactions using this card on other third-party resources, but it is on Aliexpress that it can cause distrust.

Consider the main reasons for distrust of Aliexpress to your bank card:

You have just registered on Aliexpress and placed an order for a significant amount;

You registered your account in one region, and payment is made from another (for example, from Crimea);

According to Aliexpress, you are not the owner of the bank card with which the attempt was made to pay for the order;

You have made too many transactions in your bank.

How to Fix Error Code CSC_7200026?

There are several proven ways to fix order payment error CSC_7200026. Use one of the suggested options:

  • Clear the cache;
  • Make a purchase through another browser;
  • Install a free VPN extension and try to pay again;
  • Verify the card.

This method is a recommendation from Aliexpress and is considered the most effective. Card confirmation takes about three days. Please note that the verification time may increase during the sales period and the Chinese New Year.

You will get detailed instructions via automated email by Aliexpress. You will need to send scans of proof of identity (passport or driver’s license). Be sure to send documents in color. Otherwise, Aliexpress may not consider your application.

It is also important to note that if the details you send for verification do not match the details of your account, then your application for card verification will be rejected.

After confirming the bank card, the error CSC_7200026 will disappear, and you will be able to pay for your order.

 AliExpress Error code: csc_7200026
Fix AliExpress Error code: csc_7200026

Alternative Ways to Pay Aliexpress:

If you do not have time to wait for verification, there are easier ways to make a payment:

  • Use other payment methods, such as electronic money or a mobile phone bill. Since the error occurs when paying with a bank card.
  • Clear the cache and history of your web browser, or use a different web browser. You can also try to pay through the mobile application.
  • If the above methods did not help, use browsers that support VPN.

In general, if you do not commit any fraudulent actions concerning Aliexpress, the error is relatively easy for you to eliminate.

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