f2q1 – error code – over-the-range microwave

f2q1 - error code - over-the-range microwave

If you’re encountering an f2q1 – error code – over-the-range microwave oven, don’t fret – we’ve got you covered on what this means and how you can get assistance!

If you’re like the majority of people, you’re likely to have a kitchen packed with appliances. Some of them that you use every day while others occasionally. 

This post will examine one of the most common kitchen appliances – the microwave. If you’re like many who use microwaves, you are a lover. It’s easy to pop into your food and finish it in minutes. 

What happens if there’s a problem with your microwave? 

In this article, we’ll review some typical errors and the best ways to handle these. Tips for fixing the problem with microwaves over the range are also offered.

What is an Error Code?

An error code displays on a screen when there is an issue in the microwave. It could signify something is wrong with the microwave or an electrical supply.

Error codes are usually displayed in three places on display located at the top, middle, and lower. The position and the order of the error codes may differ based on the type of microwave.

f2q1 - error code - over-the-range microwave

The system will typically display the error code f2q1 over-the-range microwave if an error occurs. These codes are indicative of different issues related to the microwave. 

Check your Appliance’s user manual or contact customer support for assistance if you notice any of these codes.

Errors in Over-The-Range Microwaves

Over-the-range ovens are a modern appliance used in many households. They are ideal for speedily making meals in the kitchen. However, they can be risky if they are not adequate. 

When cooking food using microwaving, make sure to follow the instructions of the manufacturer. Common mistakes individuals make while using a microwave include:

  • Making too hot or small meals.
  • Using the incorrect power setting.
  • Not mixing the food properly.

If you notice an error message while using an oven, immediately stop using it, and contact your Manufacturer for assistance.

The Possible Causes of an Error Code F2q1

There are several most common causes for an error message in the microwave. 

  • Most often, the microwave’s power is cut off. It can happen when the power outlet is switched off or there is an issue in the power supply. 
  • Another reason for an error code is that the magnetron inside the microwave is dirty. It could happen if you don’t maintain the f2q1 – error code – over-the-range microwave clean or accidentally put soap or other products for cleaning within the microwave. 
  • In some rare instances, the error message could be a sign that there’s something not right with your microwave. It could happen if the power cord hasn’t been connected correctly, in the event of an issue with one of the circuit boards or if there’s damage to the microwave’s water supply.

Solutions to Remove Over the Range Micro Wave Errors

These issues can vary from basic to major and could even need the replacement of an oven sensor. In some instances, the problem could be as simple as a faulty wire in the keypad’s wire harness for the membrane. 

Other possible causes for this error are a damaged oven sensor or malfunctioning electronic control components. You can quickly fix most of these issues with the help of the tips and tricks in this guide.

Replacing Control Panel

It is also possible to replace the panel control. If the error message has gone away, you may change the panel. To remove the control panel, remove your appliance from the wall and take off the screws that are holding the panel. Then, slowly move the control panel to remove it. 

In some instances, the control panel could need to be released independently. If this is the situation, you should seek a microwave repair business to repair the control panel.

Replacing Touchpad Membranes

A damaged touchpad membrane could cause the error code F2Q1. Touchpad membranes are usually available on the internet or in appliance stores. 

You can do it if you’re skilled at mechanical tasks and feel confident that you can replace the touchpad. 

If not, you might want to speak with a service technician to determine the cause. When the error code is visible only within Amana’s Amana microwaves, then this could be due to the relay board or temperature sensor.

Hard Resetting

You may experience the F2Q1 error code on the Panasonic microwave that is over-the-range after an electrical power loss. 

This issue can be due to overheating or defective sensors, or a malfunction on the main control board. If the problem persists, then you should try resetting the device. 

If this doesn’t fix the issue, you might require an expert to set your door’s latch switches.

Replacing Door Switch

If this isn’t enough to fix the issue, you might require replacing the door switch and Control Panel assembly. 

You’ll need two persons and an appropriate conduit cable to do this. Be sure to disconnect the grounding wire and the power supply cord before making any repairs. 

Then, remove four screws that hold the control panel in position. It is then possible to change the switch located on the right. After that, attach your side panels to screws.

Checking and Repairing the Control Board

A malfunctioning control board is another reason for F2Q1 error codes. If the control board malfunctions, it will send low voltages to the other components. 

The signals sent are not accepted by other parts of the device, resulting in errors. Examining the temperature probe and then resetting the oven if needed is essential. 

The temperature should be at or below 60 degrees Fahrenheit before repair of the F2Q1 error message.


Over-the-range ovens are smart appliances used in many households. They’re great for quickly cooking food in the kitchen; however, they can be risky if employed correctly. 

When microwaving food, read and adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions. Common mistakes that individuals make while making food microwavable are heating too long or small foods, setting the incorrect power setting, or not mixing the food properly. 

If you notice an error message when using an oven, immediately stop using it, and contact the manufacturer for assistance.

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