Fix Lost Ark Easy Anti-Cheat Error Code 30005

The Lost Ark Error Code 30005

Lost Ark is one of the most well-known games launched recently, and it has captivated the imagination of millions of players. However, a small percentage of players have complained about the lost ark error code 30005 that stops players from playing the game. This issue is typically caused by players trying to play the game; this can cause a lot of frustration for struggling players.

Reasons Behind The Lost Ark Error Code 30005

The error could have numerous causes, including damaged game files, old Windows, etc. However, in this post, we’ve collected a few ways to fix Easy Anti-Cheat Error Code 30005. Without further delay, we will look at the specific solutions later in this article.

If you’re getting Lost Ark error code 30005, it could be due to broken game files or old game files. Sometimes it is possible to solve the issue by turning off your VPN or using an antivirus-free program. You could also try deleting the game’s data and then reinstalling it. Whatever method you choose, this can fix the issue.

Rebooting your computer can fix the issue if it’s caused by Easy Anti-Cheat. If this doesn’t resolve the problem, reinstalling your game could be the ideal solution.

Reasons Behind The Lost Ark Error Code 30005
Lost Ark Error Code 30005

Sometimes, you’ll need to contact the technical support staff to fix the issue. If this doesn’t work, then don’t be worried! There are many solutions to the problem. Here are some of the most popular solutions.

Malware might be the reason for the Lost Ark Easy Anti-Cheat error 30005. To resolve this issue, run an analysis of malware. Malicious software can disrupt EAC’s functioning and use precious computer resources.

A thorough scan will not only reveal the presence of malware but also stop possible future issues in your system. If you don’t have a malware scanner program installed on your PC, it is possible to look into purchasing a program that has one.

If you still receiving this Lost Ark error after clearing your cache and data, try rebooting the Xbox One this does not resolve the issue, seek out a support representative. Sometimes, your only option is to call Microsofts support department.

You may temporarily remove your antivirus if you repeatedly experience the same error. If none of the above options work for you, contact Microsoft’s technical support. If none of the above methods work, you can restart the Xbox One system.

Solutions To Eradicate The Lost Ark Error Code 30005

There is a chance that there is a problem with the Easy Anti-Cheat program. The software is accountable for ensuring fairness and a safe environment for fraudulent players. But, sometimes, the file gets corrupted, and the game cannot allow players to play.

If you’ve experienced this Lost Ark error code 30005, you might want to follow the steps outlined below. The guideline outlines the steps to solve 30005 error Easy Anti-Cheat error 30005 and ensure that the game runs smoothly.

Solution 1: Repair Easy Anti-Cheat File:

 It is necessary to fix those Easy Anti-Cheat files as soon as possible to fix your Lost Ark Easy Anti-Cheat Error Code 30005 problem. To do so,

  • First, open The Game Installation folder and select Program files.
  • Select Steam and then click on the Steam app folder.
  • You must now access the Common file and the Lost Ark game folder.
  • Choose the Binary and then click in to open the Win64 folder.
  • Select and double-click the file EasyAntiCheat_Setup.
  • Click on then the Repair option to finish the process.

Solution 2: Check Game File Integrity:

If any of the game’s files are damaged or are missing, you’ll see an Easy Anti-Cheat Error 30005 on your Lost Ark startup screen. The most effective solution is to verify the authenticity of the game’s files. To do so,

  • Then, start Steam, and navigate into first the Library section.
  • After that, choose from the games list and click on Lost Ark and select the Properties.
  • Click on Local Files and select Verify the integrity of game files from the screen that has just been opened.
  • After that, restart the system and watch the error disappear.

Solution 3: Restart Easy Anti-Cheat:

Sometimes, simply rebooting your Easy Anti-Cheat service might help you solve your Easy Anti-Cheat Error Code 30005 problem on Your Lost Ark. To do so,

  • First, on the search box on your desktop, search for Services and then click the first result.
  • Within the Services window, you can scroll down to find Easy Anti-Cheat service and double-click on it.
  • In the new window, choose Startup type to Automatic and Service status to Running and save the modifications.
  • Then, restart your system and look for the error displayed on the game screen.
Fix Lost Ark Easy Anti-Cheat Error Code 30005
Fix Lost Ark Easy Anti-Cheat Error Code 30005

Solution 4: Install Visual C++ Redistributable:

Another way to eliminate your Easy Anti-Cheat Error Code 30005 problem is to reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable. Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable onto your system. To do so,

  • First, visit the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable page.
  • Click the links for each of the X64 as well as X86 files to download them to your computer.
  • Then install the downloaded files then relaunch the game to see the changes.

Solution 5: Update Windows:

If you’re Windows is old, you’ll also get an Easy Anti-Cheat Error 30005 error message on the Lost Ark game. The most effective solution is to upgrade Windows rapidly. To do so,

  • First, start by pressing Windows + I to start the Settings menu on the desktop screen.
  • Choose the Update and Security section and then click the “Windows Update” Windows Update option.
  • Click on Check for updates on the next screen to let the procedure finish by itself.
  • After that, relaunch the game and begin for the next game.

Solution 6: Check Antivirus:

Sometimes, the Easy Anti-Cheat Error Code 30005 issue may be caused by the intervention of an antivirus. You should ensure that your game is listed in your Firewall or third-party antivirus program. If not, you’ll have to be able to whitelist manually Lost Ark. In other words, temporarily disable your antivirus and begin playing the game.

Solution 7: Contact Game Developer:

If none of the suggestions above don’t work, it is time to join Amazon Games and report a similar issue to the Support Center. Support will reach out to you and assist you in resolving your problems.


Above are the Easy Anti-Cheat Lost Ark Error Code 30005 and its guaranteed solutions. Additionally, you have to ensure that no unwanted applications or services aren’t being run in the background. If you have questions or concerns after reading this article, you can leave a comment in the box below.

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